New Silver Booklet: Lady Hamilton 1932

April 12, 2014

LadyHamiltonad2If you want your wedding dress to match your silver pattern, you could do that in 1932 when Oneida introduced the Lady Hamilton pattern in silverplated flatware. This modernist design continued to be popular right up to the time of American entry into World War II, when Oneida stopped manufacturing flatware, but continued to advertise the pattern. After the war they marketed it again until the 1950s.

The results of my research into Oneida Community patterns and products appear in my book The Community Table, self-published in 2004. That book is now out of print. I am replacing it with my American Silver Booklets, available to all, free. Click here to see and read available books on the history of Oneida and such popular patterns as Grosvenor and Deauville.


American Silver in the Art Deco Style

January 20, 2014

In the 1929 Deauville pattern Oneida Community offered silverplated flatware and hollowware, as well as china and crystal designed to match the art deco pattern. Advertisements featured attractive women with hairstyles and clothes fashionable at the time.

Advertisement for the 1930 Noblesse pattern, also in the Art Deco style, woman included.

Advertisement for the 1930 Noblesse pattern, also in the Art Deco style, woman included.

You won’t find much American silver with designs in the art deco style. It is style that conveys energy and modernity; it does not appeal to the traditionalist or the romantic. One American silver company, Oneida, did introduce some art deco patterns in silverplated flatware. Two in the Community line — Deauville and Noblesse — were documented in my book The Community Table.

I have now converted the information about the patterns into digital form as part of my American Silver Booklets series. I have added more pictures, many in color. All information is free and can be downloaded. Click on American Silver Booklets to see the list of those available now.

New Silver Booklet: Bird of Paradise

November 12, 2013
1920s ad with snob appeal.

1920s ad with snob appeal.

I have prepared a new American Silver Booklet. This one illustrates the 1923 Bird of Paradise pattern by Oneida Community and lists all the flatware and hollowware pieces offered in the pattern. Booklets offer general information about the history of Oneida, its marketing techniques, and identifying flatware pieces. The Adam 1917, Grosvenor 1921 and Bird of Paradise 1923 have now been documented.

ColesPhillips_BirdofParadiseYou can see a list of all the booklets currently available at American Silver Booklets. This information is free. You can read it on the screen or print it out. You can also save it to your own computer and share it with others. Always credit the source. Do not use it for commercial purposes.