History of Oneida Community and Its Silver


This booklet is based on information contained in my book The Community Table. The Community Table is out of print, but I am keeping the information available for collectors — without the need to print and mail copies. I have added more illustrations and more color. Click on American Silver Booklets to see this and other silver booklets now available.

I have been adding more booklets, including extensive documentation of the following Community patterns:

  • Adam 1917 – available now
  • Grosvenor 1921 – available now
  • Bird of Paradise 1923 – available now
  • Deauville 1929 – available now
  • Noblesse 1930 – available now
  • Lady Hamilton 1932 – available now
  • Coronation 1936 – available now

One Response to History of Oneida Community and Its Silver

  1. […] of the Community.” Her grandparents and parents were members of the utopian communistic Perfectionists who established themselves in Oneida, New York, under the leadership of John Humphrey Noyes. She […]

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