Identifying Flatware Pieces

IdentifyingFlatwareIf there is an Ice Cream Fork is there also an Ice Cream Spoon? How can I tell whether this is really a Punch Ladle? Who knows the difference between a Luncheon Fork and a Dinner Fork — or Medium Fork, or Salad Fork, or Pastry Fork, or Fish Fork? The American Silver Booklet Identifying Flatware Pieces answers these questions. Piece-by-piece you examine the flatware used to serve and eat the meal. Most pieces are illustrated, using images from the catalogs of Oneida Community Ltd. and the International Silver Company.

Here are some sample pages:

In addition, a comprehensive index of Flatware Names and Measurements lists all the pieces described, with alternate names and usual measurements.

All this information is free.

For a full listing and links to this and other available booklets, click on American Silver Booklets.

5 Responses to Identifying Flatware Pieces

  1. […] is a pdf booklet you can download from Silver Threads, Nancy Gluck wrote it and it discusses many pieces you can find, their measurements, what pieces […]

  2. Irene Kazenas says:

    Hello, I have a large spoon 1847 Rogers Bros. in the
    Vintage grape pattern, but the interesting thing is there is
    a misprint – it is stamped ROGFERS Bros.
    Somehow the E is an F. Have you seen this before?
    Would this add value or detract?
    Thank You, love all the info you have!

    • SilverSeason says:

      I have seen various distorted marks on silver, most likely caused by a worn die used for the stamping. It probably does not add value — more important is the overall condition of the piece itself.

  3. Daniel C Shelby says:

    I have a community set oneida rogers brother says extra silver plate and original rogers on back of stem. Its nevr been used there are 70 pieces. I have no clue what year or value and can show you pictures

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