The Silver Standard

1847 Rogers Bros.
The Silver Standard

In the early years of the 20th century, International Silver marketed the 1847 Rogers Bros. line of high-quality silverplate to consumers mostly through jewelry stores. The company communicated with this large dealer network in many ways, led by their persistent advertising manager, William G. Snow. As Earl Chapin May explains in his centennial history of the company, A Century of Silver,

During the early 1900’s Snow directed the editing of a publication called The Silver Standard. With text and pictures, he contrasted events of the year 1847 with events of the year of his periodical’s publication.

Today it is the pictures which entice. In clear detail we see the rich variety of the flatware of the period. For example,

  • Berkshire Crumb Knife (Crumber)  on the same page with the Fish Knife (Fish Slice) for easy comparison.
  • Columbia Salad Spoon and Salad Fork (Salad Serving Set).
  • Five different sizes of Avon ladles, from the Cream Ladle to the Punch Ladle.
  • Fruit Knives with three different blade styles.
  • A Vintage grape Chocolate Set (Chocolate Muddler and six Chocolate Spoons).
  • A Charter Oak Soup Ladle with detailed bowl decoration you can almost touch.
  • The 1847 Girl in many poses,  in color (cover), as well as in black and white.

Here are some selections from the 1907, 1910 and 1915 issues of The Silver Standard.

The pictures include pieces from collectible patterns 

Columbia (1893)
Berkshire (1897)
Priscilla (1900)
Avon (1901)
Vintage (1904)
Charter Oak (1906)
Faneiul (1908)
Old Colony (1911)
Cromwell (1912)

as well as several others.

Illustrations offer examples of the wealth of pieces silver companies offered in the early 20th century:

Fish Serving Sets
Individual Fish Sets
Salad Serving Sets
Cheese Scoops
Berry Forks
Cake Fork
Berry Spoons
Sugar Tongs
Ladles in 5 sizes!
Bonbon Spoon
Infant and Youth Pieces
Tomato and Cucumber Servers
Fruit Knives with 3 blade styles
Nut Cracks
Fruit and Orange Spoons
Long Pickle Fork
Olive Spoon
Carving Sets  with 5 pieces
Roast Holder
Bread Knife
and more

In addition,there are many images of The 1847 Girl, the demure but attractive female symbol of International’s quality and tie to the past through the original Rogers brothers.

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  1. Patrick Patterson says:

    I was pleased to see your website. I have a Berkshire 1897 Medium, punch ladle, silver plated.I show on the above add as number “3”. If you are interested I do have pictures I am selling it.
    Thank you,

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