New Silver Booklet: Lady Hamilton 1932

LadyHamiltonad2If you want your wedding dress to match your silver pattern, you could do that in 1932 when Oneida introduced the Lady Hamilton pattern in silverplated flatware. This modernist design continued to be popular right up to the time of American entry into World War II, when Oneida stopped manufacturing flatware, but continued to advertise the pattern. After the war they marketed it again until the 1950s.

The results of my research into Oneida Community patterns and products appear in my book The Community Table, self-published in 2004. That book is now out of print. I am replacing it with my American Silver Booklets, available to all, free. Click here to see and read available books on the history of Oneida and such popular patterns as Grosvenor and Deauville.



4 Responses to New Silver Booklet: Lady Hamilton 1932

  1. mgcady says:

    Thank you for this! I have my maternal grandmother’s set of the silver and was wondering about any ephemera related to the set!

  2. Carol says:


    Thank you for your post. I enjoyed reading it.

    I did a quick Google search on the Silverware I’ve acquired through the passing of my grandparents.

    As it turns out, my gorgeous new like Silver plate flatware had to have been my great grandmother’s

    • SilverSeason says:

      The dating of your set can be tricky. Although the pattern was introduced in the 1930s, they continued to make if for many years, including for a while in the 1940s. When the silver companies resumed their business after the end of World War II, they brought back some existing popular patterns right away while they prepared some new ones.

      • Carol says:

        Interesting. Thank you for the update.
        So, there isn’t anyway to arrive at a definitive time of the Lady Hamilton flatware?

        Do you know what could possibly be the latest production of this particular set?
        It’ll help narrow down if this set was infact from my great grandmother’s era.

        Thanks so much.

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