American Silver in the Art Deco Style


In the 1929 Deauville pattern Oneida Community offered silverplated flatware and hollowware, as well as china and crystal designed to match the art deco pattern. Advertisements featured attractive women with hairstyles and clothes fashionable at the time.

Advertisement for the 1930 Noblesse pattern, also in the Art Deco style, woman included.

Advertisement for the 1930 Noblesse pattern, also in the Art Deco style, woman included.

You won’t find much American silver with designs in the art deco style. It is style that conveys energy and modernity; it does not appeal to the traditionalist or the romantic. One American silver company, Oneida, did introduce some art deco patterns in silverplated flatware. Two in the Community line — Deauville and Noblesse — were documented in my book The Community Table.

I have now converted the information about the patterns into digital form as part of my American Silver Booklets series. I have added more pictures, many in color. All information is free and can be downloaded. Click on American Silver Booklets to see the list of those available now.

2 Responses to American Silver in the Art Deco Style

  1. Vishy says:

    So beautiful, Nancy! I didn’t know that there were Art Deco style silverware. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Irwin says:

    Mrs. Gluck: I love books I will buy every one that you wrote when you find them.
    I have a lot of books on antiques. We had a store for a year, then I got cancer.
    Also the rent was too high to make a profit. I have a full garage and eventually will start selling on eBay when the prices go up again. Right now
    the prices on silverware, even Vintage
    is too low. I just paid $249 for 12 ice tea
    spoons which is good as Replacements
    is selling them for $70 each. My friend
    in Minneapolis has bought 6 as they were so affordable at $22 each. She never was able to buy any and is so
    excited about getting them. Let me know what you found and how much to
    write the check for. Geraldine Deutsch

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