New Silver Booklet: Bird of Paradise

1920s ad with snob appeal.

1920s ad with snob appeal.

I have prepared a new American Silver Booklet. This one illustrates the 1923 Bird of Paradise pattern by Oneida Community and lists all the flatware and hollowware pieces offered in the pattern. Booklets offer general information about the history of Oneida, its marketing techniques, and identifying flatware pieces. The Adam 1917, Grosvenor 1921 and Bird of Paradise 1923 have now been documented.

ColesPhillips_BirdofParadiseYou can see a list of all the booklets currently available at American Silver Booklets. This information is free. You can read it on the screen or print it out. You can also save it to your own computer and share it with others. Always credit the source. Do not use it for commercial purposes.


6 Responses to New Silver Booklet: Bird of Paradise

  1. Elle Case says:

    I have puzzled over WHY the bird design for Bird of Paradise flatware is upside down. I cannot understand any logical reason for this. If anyone knows I would be grateful to learn! Thank you for your insightful column and booklets!

  2. Jeannette Johnson says:

    I am very interested in the newly published booklet on Bird of Paradise, as I have a set of this flatware that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I would like to give it to great-granddaughter and thought she would like the history. However, when I click on the link, I don’t get access. Do I need to register somehow in order to get access?

    Thanks so much.

    Jeannette Johnson

  3. Vishy says:

    Very interesting and informative, Nancy! I remember reading your post on choosing the right fork / spoon.

    • SilverSeason says:

      Thanks, Vishy. It is rather a specialized interest. For some years I researched and wrote about American silverplated flatware. I no longer want to print and distribute, so I am gradually moving the information on-line.

      • Vishy says:

        Wonderful to know that, Nancy. It is really a fascinating topic. Looking forward to reading more about it in the future, on your blog.

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